Thursday, July 2, 2020

Vendor product options for the July 2020 crop

Jeannette Swain with Stampin Up

Sandra Campbell with Thirty-One Bags and Gifts

Tracy Beck with Photo Scraps

Barb Carrico with Close to My Heart

Kathleen Taylor with Album Embossing

Scrapbook Concierge

Massages for the July 2020 crop

Massages for the July 2020 crop

Brenda will be joining us for Friday night and Saturday morning. There are a number of times open. Please feel free to contact her via text directly. 

Brenda is a nationally certified massage therapist and a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy who practiced in Arizona and Pennsylvania prior to getting her license in Virginia, and has taken extensive continuing education.

Brenda’s focus is on terapeutic massage, with specialties in trigger point, Swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular therapy. She is passionate about helping her clients get relief from muscular issues while making sure they feel comfortable and relaxed.

To schedule your massage, please contact Brenda directly.
C: 814.384.6888 (feel free to text)

Scrapbook Concierge in July 2020

Album Embossing for July 2020

If there are enough people who would like their albums embossed, Kathleen could drive down to pick up the orders, emboss them at home and then bring them back to the crop.

Please email her directly at for an order form.

Close to My Heart for July 2020